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About Sal Bastawy

"I really enjoy working with seniors helping them better their lives and take control of their retirement,”

“Patience, listening, honesty, and integrity to all of my customers. I’m dedicated to educating people through regular community workshops to help people understand the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program as well as jumbo reverse mortgage options.” Says Sal.

Sal began doing Mortgages in 1991. Having successfully weathered the Mortgage meltdown and Great Recession, being a veteran of the Mortgage Industry for over 28 years, he feels driven to help people enjoy peace of mind during retirement by educating them about ways to reduce portfolio longevity risk and plan for unexpected short and long-term financial needs.

Sal works to educate both consumers and financial advisors about today’s reverse mortgage products that incorporate added features and benefits that enhance consumer protection.  He enjoys helping clients plan for their future, and educating them on how home equity can be leveraged to enhance portfolio longevity, provide a means to plan for long-term care expenses, and create a growing line of credit for short and long-term financial needs. Sal believes that in the right circumstances, reverse mortgages can provide people with an enhancement to their retirement income, while also reducing their portfolio longevity risk.